Workforce OJT Reimbursements

Federal & State

Workforce On The Job Training Reimbursement:

Through OJT is a wage reimbursement incentive maybe provided to a business to help offset the cost of training a new employee with limited skills. The federal subsidy for employers who train qualifying new hires to bridge skill gaps for the position.

Why should I take advantage of workforce training reimbursement?

The benefits of program can: improve retention, boost workplace productivity and engagement, add skills and knowledge to your company, reduce the cost of hiring and training, recieve prescreened applicants for your position, get reimbursed for a percentage of the wages during the pre-agreed training period.

While a Federal program, the funds are distributed at the county level. We have included links to both Erie and Niagara County resources that can help to get your company enrolled.

Erie County Workforce Investment Board

Niagara County Workforce Development Board

NY Excelsior Program

Western New York Empire State Development

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