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For Apprentice Candidates

It is probably the best time in the United States history to become a skilled worker. Never in our history has there been such a need for individuals who enjoy working with their minds and hands, while getting a personal satisfaction out of making a final product or component. It is anticipated that over the next decade over 2 million current skilled workers will be leaving their jobs for retirement. In Western New York alone, there are over 3,000 jobs open for skilled labor with the need growing by the day!

In the United States today, there is over $1.5 trillion dollars in student loan debt. Many graduates from a four year college feel the impact of debt has on their life. This debt prevents them from buying a home, their first new car and in some cases struggle to pay rent.

Considering a career in a skilled trade will provide you with transferable skills which give you freedom to move anywhere in the country and step into a roll. Apprenticeship programs have been designed to provide individuals with skills over a period of time which provides you a clear career path and an increasing wage as your skills improve.