Utility Grants for Manufacturers


Grant and energy programs available through regional utilities

National Grid

Electric Manufacturing Productivity Program

The Manufacturing Productivity Program provides matching grants of up to $15,000 or forty percent (40%) (whichever is less) of the costs incurred by eligible applicants whose top management commits the time and resources to “lean manufacturing” projects or manufacturing assistance projects that result in eliminating waste and increasing productivity on the “shop floor” and in the office.

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Financial Incentive to create energy efficiency in your plant

When you upgrade your manufacturing building’s energy performance, you’re not just lowering your carbon footprint, you’re also improving comfort, productivity, processes, and
safety – all of which can help meet your sustainability goals and create a cleaner future. We can help your business make all of this possible with financial incentives and technical assistance. Click here for program details


Small Business Customer Choice Program 2023 Rebate Catalog. Click here for full details

Other Available Programs: