Registered Apprenticeship Programs


Registered Apprenticeship Program

New York State Manufacturers Intermediary Apprenticeship Program

The BNMA is proud to be partnering with MACNY and the New York State Department of Labor and our Alliance Partners to sponsor The New York State Manufacturers Alliance Intermediary Apprenticeship Program (NYSMIAP). We will act as an intermediary on behalf of local businesses to help them establish New York State Registered Apprenticeships at their companies. Our goal is to increase the number of qualified individuals in middle- and high-skilled occupations within our local manufacturing sector.

Intermediaries are crucial to the development and management of apprenticeships. Intermediaries conduct outreach to current and potential employees, manage relationships with the NYSDOL, and provide subject matter experts and the technical assistance necessary to help companies establish their own programs.

Acting as group sponsors, the alliance partners will ease the administrative burden of individual company registration. We will help manage your program and coordinate work-related classes with community colleges and other outside training providers.

The BNMA partnered with MACNY to leverage their 6+ years in running successful Registered Apprenticeship programs. In addition to their expertise, BNMA members now have access to over 20 registered apprenticeships and expert administrators’ day one.

Why Participate:

This program not only gives young people an opportunity to get involved in the manufacturing industry, but also provides local companies with hardworking individuals who are willing to learn.

The Manufacturers Alliance aims to avoid the gaps in the current and future dilemma a lack of skilled workers presents and keep the manufacturing industry as strong as ever through apprenticeships.

How it works:

There are two components to apprenticeships. The first, is on-the-job training (OJT). This consists of a journey-level craftsperson willing to share their experience and knowledge with the apprentice. The second, is related instruction (RI). This consists of apprentice learning more theoretical (book learning) of their craft. Program lengths vary but are typically between 2-4 years in duration.

Prior to the apprentice beginning their apprenticeship journey, MACNY will work with the employer to fine tune the apprenticeship to meet the individual needs of the company. In addition, MACNY conducts a skills assessment on the apprentice which may reduce the length of the program while capturing the knowledge and past job experience of the apprentice.