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Welcome to BNMA's Calendar, your resource for any programs, training, events we have planned. We encourage you to save this calendar to your favorites so intelligence on our programs are just a "click" away. We will update this calendar on an ongoing basis as new programs come up and additional training is added. For time sensitive programs like one of our partners speaking to changes in tax law or employment law. We will place on this site but will also keep you abreast in our weekly Manufacturer Minute publication.

Note: All members and their employees can take advantage of any of the training, programs and events. Should you or employees take courses through one of our training partners New Horizion, you will need to be sure to enter "BNMA" under the "discount code" when checking out. All BNMA members receive discounts off the sticker price for training. If you do not enter BNMA, you will not receive the discount.

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