Buffalo Metrology Inc.

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Buffalo Metrology Inc.
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    Matt Gehman
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  • Established in 2015
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Buffalo Metrology Inc. Profile

Buffalo Metrology Inc. specializes in on-site and in-situ field measuring and alignment services via our FARO family of Laser Trackers. We also offer HD scanning of parts for measurement, reverse-engineering and modeling.

Buffalo Metrology Inc. specializes in on-site and in-situ field measuring and alignment services. Our FARO Laser Tracker systems (ION and mulitple Vantage units) are very portable and our certified technicians are typically able to mobilize world-wide within 24 hours of request. 

Additionally, we offer in-house measurement, reverse-engineering and modeling services in our climate-controlled laboratory on small to mid-sized components via our rigid CMM's (FARO 2.4m HD Scan Arm, Romer 1.2m Arm and Helmel Gantry). 

What is Metrology? Metrology is the systematic and highly precise gathering of data in time and space. Metrology seeks to reduce and eventually eliminate the scrap and downtime in a process by gathering the information and acting upon its significance in the most effective, efficient manner. BMI uses our metrology tools and experience to supplement our client’s capabilities: 

• Assisting in fabrication by locating critical placement components
• Leveling/tramming of industrial machinery for proper operation
• Measuring of large complex weldments beyond typical measurement tools
• Measuring and reporting on current condition (as-built, as-machined, as-oriented)
• Generating and exporting of IGES files for use in secondary fit-up/mating of related components or .STP files for CNC machining 
• High-definition scanning, inspection, reverse-engineering and solid modeling of parts

Contact:     Matt Gehman  
                   Sr. Project Manager
                   Buffalo Metrology Inc. 
                   Email: mattg@buffalometrology.com 

186 Colgate Avenue Buffalo, NY 14220
(716) 348-3434 Local
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(716) 583-2522 Mobile 


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