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Buffalo Metrology Inc.
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Buffalo Metrology Inc. Profile

Buffalo Metrology Inc. specializes in on-site and in-situ field measuring and alignment services via our FARO family of Laser Trackers. We also offer HD scanning of parts for measurement, reverse-engineering and modeling.

BMI provides Laser Tracker Services at Power Generation facilities for operators and contractors.  Our focus is Hydro-Turbines; alignment, individual component measurement and installation assistance.  We back our field service teams with full engineering support including 3D Modeling & Drafting, Scanning, Reverse Engineering, 3D Printing and Design.  

We offer around-the-clock service throughout the world! Buffalo Metrology is proud to be based in Buffalo, New York (USA). 

Our principal focus at BMI is to collaborate with rebuild contractors on the refurbishment of vertical and horizontal hydro-turbines.  We benchmark to establish the as-found condition and then monitor and assist through-out the complete rebuild process.   

BMI maintains a complete stable of portable CMM's including laser trackers, arms, and scanning systems.  Additional lab support offers vision systems and gantry CMM services.  We utilize the latest in software for each respective system; FARO Cam2Q, GagePack, Polyworks, CMM Manager, etc. 

When projects are too complex for touch-probing or too small for laser trackers, our FARO and Hexagon scan arms are a good match for the task.  Our systems combine the portability of CMM's with the non-contact functionality of laser line probes.  BMI excels at the process of comparing CAD nominals (solid models) to surface scan data.  We tailor our reporting to the client's needs; heat-maps detailing deviations, dimensioning of slices or simply point-clouds for later manipulation.

BMI supplements our field efforts with a fully functioning laboratory.  In addition to our portable CMM's, we have gantry and vision systems along with a wide array of hand-instruments and gages that are used within a tightly controlled environment to assure measurement accuracy.  All portable and stationary systems utilize the latest available software; FARO Cam2Q, Polyworks, PC DMIS, CMM Manager, GagePack, etc. Our laboratory also doubles as a home for engineering.  BMI is fully capable of generating 3D solid models and 2D fabrication drawings as a supplement to our reverse engineering and design services.  We utilize AutoCAD's suite of software for all drafting applications. We offer a 2-Day training course on Laser Tracker and Scan Arm orientation and use. Laser Tracker calibration services are provided utilizing our KinAiry System traceable to NIST standard IR-8016. Reporting satisfies NADCAP accreditation. 

Contact:    Andrew Gehman  
                   Buffalo Metrology Inc. 
                   Email: andrewg@buffalometrology.com 

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