Worldleaders 2019 Sales and Marketing CEO Conference

Worldleaders 2019 Sales and Marketing CEO Conference

If you are a manufacturing or technology leader that has the objective of penetrating new markets and winning more sales for your organization, then the Worldleaders 2019 Sales and Marketing CEO Conference is going to help you prepare for 2020. We will be looking at how CEOs lead their sales and marketing organization, where they allocate their resources to win more business, and will be reviewing the processes they develop to scale success throughout the organization.

You will learn how CEOs lead their organization – this ultimately includes how they position their organization to the external marketplace and to their internal sales & marketing team, how to coach and provide leadership to their team for continuous improvement, and how to develop a high performance culture.

You will learn sales tools and process – Every successful sales/marketing organization relies on systemic sales tools and frameworks rather than hoping their new sales hire will figure out how to grow the business. You will learn the systems and tools that the top sales and marketing organizations use at each step of the sales process.

You will learn the marketing and lead gen initiatives to focus on – To win more sales, decision makers must be introduced to your company. There’s a ton of strategies for this and million different ways to spend your marketing budget. You will learn where to focus you and your staff’s marketing efforts to generate more real leads.

You will learn how to build your marketing / sales team – Finding employable talent to help your business grow is difficult and competitive, but the top companies always seem to find the people they need. We will teach you how they strategize, find, hire, and retain the top sales and marketing people in the industry.

“We did our best to create a presentation that will be actionable and useful for the CEO/Owner.” Says Joe Morone, CEO of Worldleaders and speaker at the Conference. “There are a lot of conferences and resources out there targeted towards the individual salesperson or marketing person. But there’s a lack of guidance and thought toward the leaders of small-midsized B2B technology and manufacturing organizations. There’s a ton of these leaders out there, they make up our economy. This conference is to help them get ready for 2020.”

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About Worldleaders
Worldleaders is a fellow member of BNMA and aims to helps its members to improve their sales results. They are a sales and marketing advisory firm that specializes in helping manufacturing and technology companies develop their sales and marketing process, recruit and hire top sales and marketing people, and train essential sales skills.