BNMA Membership Directory

A. Titan Instruments, Inc. Orchard Park, NY 716-667-9211 CLICK HERE
A.W. Miller Technical Sales East Aurora, NY 716-652-8282 CLICK HERE
Abasco Inc. Hamburg, NY 716-649-4790 CLICK HERE
Abrasive Tool Buffalo , NY 716-631-0070 CLICK HERE
Airline Hydraulics / Fluid Power division Lancaster, NY 716-681-8474 CLICK HERE
Alfred State College Alfred , NY 607-587-3102 CLICK HERE
Allied Circuits Buffalo, NY 716-551-0285 CLICK HERE
American Stainless Buffalo, NY 716-827-1100 CLICK HERE
Apollo Steel Niagara Falls, NY 716-818-2892 CLICK HERE
Applied Inspection Services, Inc. Tonawanda, NY 716-940-0949 CLICK HERE
Applied Sciences Group Buffalo, NY 716-626-5100 CLICK HERE
Arrow Grinding Tonawanda, NY 716-693-3333 CLICK HERE
Ascension Industries Inc. N. Tonawanda, NY 716-693-9381 CLICK HERE
Ashton Potter USA Ltd. Williamsville, NY 716-633-2000 CLICK HERE
B & W Heat Treating Co. Tonawanda, NY 716-876-8184 CLICK HERE
Bak USA Technologies Corp. Buffalo, NY 716-248-2704 CLICK HERE
Bank of America Buffalo, NY 716-847-4120 CLICK HERE
Battistoni Italian Specialty Meats Buffalo, NY 716-698-2854 CLICK HERE
Bear Metal Works, Inc. Buffalo, NY 716-824-4350 CLICK HERE
Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC Buffalo, NY 716-566-2800 CLICK HERE
Broda Machine Co. Niagara Falls, NY 716-297-3221 CLICK HERE
Buffalo & Erie County Workforce Development Consortium, Inc. Buffalo, NY 716-819-9845 CLICK HERE
Buffalo Business First Buffalo, NY 716-541-1621 CLICK HERE
Buffalo Metrology Inc. (laser measurement services) Buffalo, NY 716-348-3434 CLICK HERE
Buffalo OutFront Metal Works Buffalo, NY 716-892-7800 CLICK HERE
Calamar Wheatfield, NY 716-693-0006 CLICK HERE
Caplugs Buffalo, NY 716-876-9855 CLICK HERE
Casey Machine Co. Lancaster, NY 716-651-0150 CLICK HERE
Charter School for Applied Technologies Buffalo, NY 716-871-7400 CLICK HERE
Chiampou Travis Besaw & Kershner LLP Amherst, NY 716-630-2400 CLICK HERE
Chudy Paper CHEEKTOWAGA, NY 716-825-1935 CLICK HERE
Comairco Equipment Inc. Buffalo, NY 716-656-0211 CLICK HERE
Confer Plastics, Inc. North Tonawanda, NY 716-693-2056 CLICK HERE
Covanta Niagara, L.P. Niagara Falls, NY 716-278-8500 CLICK HERE
Curbell Medical Products, Inc. Orchard Park, NY 716-667-3377 CLICK HERE
Custom Laser Inc. Lockport, NY 716-434-8600 CLICK HERE
Diamond Hurwitz Scrap LLC Buffalo, NY 716-823-2863 CLICK HERE
Dimar Manufacturing Corp. Clarence, NY 716-759-0351 CLICK HERE
Diversified Mfg. Inc. Lockport, NY 716-434-5585 CLICK HERE
DMG MORI Boldt Erie, PA 716-866-1400 CLICK HERE
Doritex Corp. Alden, NY 716-684-6600 CLICK HERE
Dream it, Do It WNY Jamestown, NY 716-541-1712 CLICK HERE
EnergyMark LLC Williamsville, NY 716-614-1800 CLICK HERE
Erie 1 BOCES West Seneca, NY 716-821-7000 CLICK HERE
Erie 2 BOCES - Ormsby Educational center East Aurora, NY 716-652-8250 CLICK HERE
Erie Community College Williamsville, NY 716-270-5895 CLICK HERE
Erie County Industrial Development Agency Buffalo, NY 716-856-6525 CLICK HERE
Evans Bank Hamburg, NY 716-926-2045 CLICK HERE
EverFab, Inc. East Aurora, NY 716-655-1550 CLICK HERE
EWI Buffalo, NY 716-710-5555 CLICK HERE
Excel Machine Technologies, In Rochester, New York, NY 585-426-1911 CLICK HERE
Exocor Amherst, NY 716-803-7539 CLICK HERE
Felton Machine Co. Niagara Falls, NY 716-215-9001 CLICK HERE
Ferguson Electric Buffalo NY, NY 716-853-3321 CLICK HERE
Frederick Machine Repair, Inc. Buffalo, NY 716-892-1425 CLICK HERE
Freed Maxick CPAs, P.C. Buffalo, NY 716-847-2651 CLICK HERE
Fresenius Kabi Grand Island, NY 716-773-0850 CLICK HERE
Gator Ferrous Metals Depew, NY 716-512-1612 CLICK HERE
General Plating LLC Rochester, NY 585-423-0830 CLICK HERE
GOE - Amherst Stainless Fabrication Amherst, NY 716-691-7012 CLICK HERE
Goergen Mackwirth Buffalo, NY 716-874-4800 CLICK HERE
Goodwill Industries of WNY Buffalo, NY 716-854-3494 CLICK HERE
Graham Corp Batavia, NY 585-343-2216 CLICK HERE
Graybar Electric Buffalo, NY 716-565-5900 CLICK HERE
Great Lakes Environmental & Safety Consultants, Inc. Buffalo, NY 716-827-0700 CLICK HERE
Greenpac Mill LLC Niagara Falls, NY 716-524-3101 CLICK HERE
Grove Roofing Buffalo, NY 716-828-1870 CLICK HERE
H and C Tool Supply Rochester, NC 585-235-5700 CLICK HERE
Haas Factory Outlet/ a division of NYMAT Machine Tool Fairport, , NY 585-248-8200 CLICK HERE
Habitat for Humanity Williamsville, NY 716-570-3449 CLICK HERE
Haun Welding Supply Kenmore, NY 716-630-9353 CLICK HERE
Hebeler Tonawanda, NY 716-583-9830 CLICK HERE
Hodgson & Russ LLP Buffalo, NY 716-856-4000 CLICK HERE
IIMAK Amherst, NY 716-691-6333 CLICK HERE
IMERYS Fused Minerals Niagara Falls Niagara Falls, NY 716-111-1111 CLICK HERE
Industrial Support Incorporated Buffalo, NY 716-827-1825 CLICK HERE
Insyte Consulting Buffalo, NY 716-636-3626 CLICK HERE
International Institute of Buffalo Buffalo, NY 716-883-1900 CLICK HERE
ITT Enidine Orchard Park, NY 716-662-1900 CLICK HERE
Jacquet Mid Atlantic Pottstown, PA 716-560-3271 CLICK HERE
Jamestown Plastics Brocton, NY 716-792-4144 CLICK HERE
Johnson Precision Inc. Kenmore, NY 716-873-5610 CLICK HERE
K-TECHnologies, Inc. Buffalo, NY 716-828-4444 CLICK HERE
K.D.M. Die Company Buffalo, NY 716-828-9000 CLICK HERE
Keller Technology Corporation Tonawanda, NY 716-693-3840 CLICK HERE
Key Equipment Finance Buffalo, NY 716-819-5500 CLICK HERE
Key Insurance Buffalo, NY 716-816-5556 CLICK HERE
KeyBank Buffalo, NY 716.819.5704 CLICK HERE
KVM associates inc Williamsville, NY 716-633-1710 CLICK HERE
Lancaster Knives Lancaster, NY 716-683-5050 CLICK HERE
Lawley Buffalo, NY 716-849-8258 CLICK HERE
Lumsden & McCormick, LLP Buffalo, NY 716-856-3300 CLICK HERE
Metalico Buffalo Buffalo, NY 716-823-3788 CLICK HERE
Mirion Technologies (Conax Nuclear), Inc. Cheektowaga, NY 716-681-1973 CLICK HERE
MLS Machine Buffalo, NY 716-824-4359 CLICK HERE
Mold Tech Inc. Lancaster, NY 716-206-2580 CLICK HERE
Mollenberg-Betz, Inc. Buffalo, NY 716-614-7473 CLICK HERE
Montante Solar Tonawanda, NY 716-876-8899 CLICK HERE
Morris Great Lakes Clarence Center, NY 716-270-3461 CLICK HERE
Motivair Corporation Amherst, NY 716-691-9222 CLICK HERE
MRC Technologies Buffalo, NY 716-822-4300 CLICK HERE
Murphy and Nolan, Inc. Cheektowaga, NY 716-235-8493 CLICK HERE
National Fuel Gas Dist. Corp. Williamsville, NY 716-857-7025 CLICK HERE
National Fuel Resources, Inc. Williamsville, NY 716-630-6700 CLICK HERE
National Grid Buffalo, NY 716-220-1561 CLICK HERE
Neville Manufacturing, Services & Distribution, Inc. Cheektowaga, NY 716-834-3038 CLICK HERE
New York Power Authority Lewiston, NY 716-286-6651 CLICK HERE
Niacet Corp. Niagara Falls, NY 716-285-1474 CLICK HERE
Niagara Blower Company Tonawanda, NY 716-875-2000 CLICK HERE
Niagara County Community College Sanborn, NY 716-614-6222 CLICK HERE
Niagara Lubricant Co, Inc. Buffalo, NY 716-874-2300 CLICK HERE
NOCO Energy Corp. Tonawanda, NY 716-504-3316 CLICK HERE
North American Carbide Orchard Park, NY 716-662-0270 CLICK HERE
Northland Workforce Training Center Buffalo, NY 716-289-7691 CLICK HERE
Nut & Bolt fastening Solutions Buffalo, NY 716-829-9460 CLICK HERE
Occidental Chemical Corp. Niagara Falls, NY 716-278-7777 CLICK HERE
Oetiker Lancaster, NY 716-681-7200 CLICK HERE
Olin Corp. Niagaqra Falls, NY 716-278-6469 CLICK HERE
Oliver Gear Buffalo, NY 716-885-1080 CLICK HERE
Olmsted Center Buffalo, NY 716-888-4502 CLICK HERE
OMARA Engieering PC Williamsville, NY 716-634-9736 CLICK HERE
OptiPro Systems Ontiaro, NY 585-265-0160 CLICK HERE
Orleans Niagara BOCES Sanborn, NY 716-731-6800 CLICK HERE
OSEA Orchard Park, NY 716-821-0091 CLICK HERE
P3 Technologies Rochester, NY 585-730-7340 CLICK HERE
Palma Tool & Die Co. Inc. Lancaster, NY 716-681-4464 CLICK HERE
PCB Piezotronics Depew, NY 716-684-0002 CLICK HERE
Pfannenberg Lancaster, NY 716-685-6866 CLICK HERE
Pivot Precision Lockport, NY 716-625-8000 CLICK HERE
Praxair, Inc. Niagara Falls, NY 716-286-4600 CLICK HERE
Promerix Web Design Fort Mill, SC 716-866-8885 CLICK HERE
Pyramid Brokerage Company Cushman & Wakefield Alliance Buffalo, NY 716-200-0151 CLICK HERE
QMC Technologies, Inc Depew, NY 716-681-0810 CLICK HERE
Ralph W Earl Co. Williamsville, NY 716-632-2282 CLICK HERE
Rexel USA Cheektowaga, NY 716-893-3030 CLICK HERE
Richards Machine Tool Co. Inc. Lancaster, NY 716-683-3380 CLICK HERE
ROAR Logistics Buffalo, NY 888-292-7627 CLICK HERE
S&H Machine Company Inc. Buffalo, NY 716-834-1194 CLICK HERE
Sampla Belting NA LLC Lackawanna, NY 716-667-7450 CLICK HERE
Sealing Devices Inc. Lancaster, NY 716-684-7600 CLICK HERE
Secondary Service & Supply Co., Inc. Buffalo, NY 716-896-4000 CLICK HERE
Sharp Tooling Co Buffalo, NY 7168967619 CLICK HERE
Simmers Crane Design & Services Tonawanda, NY 716-332-0760 CLICK HERE
Solmac Inc. Williamsville, NY 716-630-7061 CLICK HERE
Sonwil Distribution Center, Inc. Buffalo, NY 716-684-0555 CLICK HERE
Sotek, Inc Buffalo, NY 716-821-5961 CLICK HERE
Sparcz Engineering Depew, NY 716-681-0381 CLICK HERE
Speed Global Services Buffalo, NY 716-876-2235 CLICK HERE
Staub Incorporated Hamburg, NY 716-649-4211 CLICK HERE
Stony MFG Elma, NY 716-652-6730 CLICK HERE
Stuart Tool & Die Falconer, NY 716-488-1975 CLICK HERE
Sumitomo Rubber Group Tonawanda, NY 716-879-8200 CLICK HERE
Syracuse Supply Machine Tools Cheektowaga, NY 716-893-3643 CLICK HERE
TAM Ceramics Group of NY LLC Niagara Falls, NY 716-278-9403 CLICK HERE
Tapecon Inc. Buffalo, NY 716-854-1322 CLICK HERE
Taylor Devices North Tonawanda, NY 716-694-0800 CLICK HERE
Tesla Inc Buffalo, NY 716-219-1103 CLICK HERE
The Buffalo News Inc. Buffalo, NY 716-849-4171 CLICK HERE
Trinity Tools Inc. North Tonawanda, NY 716-694-1111 CLICK HERE
Tronconi Segarra & Associates LLP Williamsville, NY 716-633-1373 CLICK HERE
Turner Construction Company Buffalo, NY 716-853-1900 CLICK HERE
UB Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership Buffalo, NY 716-885-5715 CLICK HERE
UB TCIE Amherst, NY 716-645-8800 CLICK HERE
UB's NYS Center of Excellence in Materials Informatics Buffalo, NY 716-881-8900 CLICK HERE
Unifrax, I LLC Tonawanda, NY 716-696-6009 CLICK HERE
Upstate Steel Inc. Buffalo, NY 716-892-8434 CLICK HERE
US Chrome Corp. Batavia, NY 585-343-7077 CLICK HERE
V-Lake Industries, Inc. Buffalo, NY 716-885-9141 CLICK HERE
Val Kro Industrial Plating, Inc. / Pellets, LLC North Tonawanda, NY 716-694-5001 CLICK HERE
VanDeMark Chemical Lockport, NY 716-433-6764 CLICK HERE
Vishay Thin Film Niagara Falls, NY 716-283-4025 CLICK HERE
Water Haus Waterjet North Tonawanda, NY 716-228-8728 CLICK HERE
Watson Steel Products Buffalo, NY 716-853-2233 CLICK HERE
Wendt Corporation Buffalo, NY 716-391-1253 CLICK HERE
West Metal Works Buffalo, NY 716-895-4900 CLICK HERE
Whiting Door Manufacturing Corp. Akron, NY 716-542-5427 CLICK HERE
WNY Consortium of Higher Education Getzville, NY 716-250-7500 CLICK HERE
WNY STEM Hub Elma, NY 585-690-7311 CLICK HERE
World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara Buffalo, NY 716-852-7160 CLICK HERE
Worldleaders Inc. Rochester, NY 585-399-0653 CLICK HERE
Xylem Inc. Cheektowaga, NY 716-862-4070 CLICK HERE
Zip Industrial Products Lockport, NY 716-625-8500 CLICK HERE