Staub Incorporated

Staub Incorporated does production machining with a focus on precision. We also use 3D Printing to create solutions for internal and external customers.
Company: Staub Incorporated
Address: 206 Lake Street
Hamburg, NY 14075
Phone Number: 716-649-4211
Fax Number: 716-649-4219
Website URL:
Year Founded: 1975
First Name: Anthony
Last Name: Staub
Position: President
Member Type: Regular
Date Joined: May 2014

About Staub Incorporated

Staub Incorporated has been on the leading edge of machining technology for over 39 years. We are highly automated, and focus on "Lights-Out" manufacturing. Most of our machine hours are unattended, with machining, part unloading systems, and robotic part handlers running through the night. We operate 14 turning centers and use three Linear Pallet Pools. Each LPP has a bank of 4-axis mills and room for over 50 pallets. We are optimized for tight-tolerance production machining.

We've now launched Staub Additive. This department's high-end 3D Printing machines are offering new solutions to old problems. Our customers are using this new technology for concept modeling, prototyping, tooling, fixtures, and even end-use parts. We can take a 3D file and create part in a time frame and for a price that were previously unheard of. Visit our website at to learn more or to get a quote.

Staub Incorporated Services

Assembly - Mechanical
Machining - Milling
Machining - Milling: High-Speed
Machining - Turning
Machining - Turning: Swiss