Insyte Consulting

Insyte is a private, not-for-profit manufacturing consulting firm that provides a variety of services for WNY manufacturers.
Company: Insyte Consulting
Address: 726 Exchange Street
Suite 812
Buffalo, NY 14210
Phone Number: 716-636-3626
Website URL:
Year Founded: 1982
Employees: 1 to 24
First Name: Bill
Last Name: Shepard
Position: Business Development Manager
Member Type: Associate
Date Joined: March 2011

About Insyte Consulting

Insyte specializes in both growth and process improvement initiatives from the plant floor to the front office. We have a team of highly skilled consultants that work with over 900 WNY manufacturers.

Many of our clients are BNMA members.

Because we receive government funding that subsidizes our rates, our clients are required to report the impact of our work to an independant third party. Over the past 16 years, that impact totals over two billion dollars for our clients with an average ROI of $37/1.

We are always happy to discuss any issues your company faces and will thoroughly scope an opportunity at no cost or obligation.

Insyte Consulting Services

Human Resource
IT Resources