Industrial Support Incorporated

ISI is an advanced contract manufacturing company offering an incredible variety of products and services.
Company: Industrial Support Incorporated
Address: 35 Depot Street
Buffalo, NY 14206
Phone Number: 716-827-1825
Fax Number: 716-827-2782
Website URL:
Year Founded: 1995
Employees: 50 to 99
First Name: David
Last Name: Sullivan
Position: President
Member Type: Regular
Date Joined: March 2013

About Industrial Support Incorporated

Founded in 1995 in Western New York, Industrial Support Inc. (ISI) offers an extensive range of advanced contract manufacturing services including prototyping, metal fabrication, CNC machining & model shop, metal stamping, industrial sewing, parts inspection and reworking, welding, soldering, brazing, component and electronic assembly, packaging, recycling, carpentry, and engineering. We manufacture for local, national, and international corporations within multiple, diverse industries, including power generation, veterinary, automotive, defense, medical, aerospace/aviation, entertainment, grocery, home improvement, and education.

Our products range from science kits for school children to bulletproof gas tanks for our troops. We can make just about anything. Our mission: to consistently supply the highest quality products and services to our customers at an equitable price in a timely manner.

In May of 2010, President Barack Obama delivered a speech at ISI marking the first presidential visit to Western NY since 2004. ISI has no official political affiliations but is honored to have hosted the leader of our nation and the free world. You can view his speech here:

ISI has received the "Business First Fasttrack Award" for three consecutive years for outstanding growth; the "Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition" for contributions made to the community; the "NYS Employer Appreciation Certificate" for providing career opportunities to the disabled; the "NYS Assembly Certificate of Merit"; and the "2009 Small Business Award." In addition, ISI's President, David Sullivan, received the "2009 Small Business Person of the Year Award."

Industrial Support Incorporated Services

Assembly - Electrical
Assembly - Mechanical
Engineering & Design - Industrial
Engineering & Design - Product Design
Engineering & Design - Tool Design
Fabrication - Resistance Welding
Fabrication - Sheet Metal
Fabrication - Turret Punching
Fabrication - Water Jet
Finishing - Painting
Finishing - Plating
Grinding - Cylindrical
Grinding - Flat
Machining - Boring
Machining - Milling
Machining - Milling: High-Speed
Machining - Turning
Special Machines - Assembly
Special Machines - Material Handling
Special Machines - Metal Forming
Special Machines - Metal Removal
Special Machines - Packaging
Special Machines - Testing/Inspection
Stamping - Compound Dies
Stamping - Form Dies
Stamping - Progressive Stampings
Tooling & Gaging - Gaging
Tooling & Gaging - Tooling